• SDSA Video

    Cheryl Wilson, Chair of the San Diego Senior Alliance shares our¬†mission, vision, accomplishments, and membership. San Diego Senior Alliance    

    The SCAN Foundation Fact Sheet

    The SCAN Foundation published a report in January of 2014. Excerpt of Overview: “Showing signs of economic recovery, California is experiencing higher revenues than projected in the 2013-14 budget, with an additional $6.3billion in unanticipated revenue from 2012-2013 budget through … [Read More]

    San Diego County Materials Regarding CCI and Cal MediConnect

    The Health and Human Services Agency, Department of Aging and Independence Services has published new materials for stakeholders in the Coordinated Care Initiative and Cal MediConnect.¬† They are available here: CCICalMediProgramDescription Dual Eligible Brief Overview 1-14_2 pager HSD CalMediConnectChoice   … [Read More]

    Coordinated Care Initiative Fact Sheet

    The Fact Sheet for dual eligible individuals in English is available for dissemination throughout San Diego County.   Dual Eligible_SanDiego

    Achieving Person Centered Care Conference Links

    Power Point Presentations from the Achieving Person Centered Care Conference held November 19th are available here: WelcomeSlides_San_Diego 11-19-13 JoanneLynn_FinalPresentation JosephCascianiFinalPresentation The County of San Diego developed a Fact Sheet on the Coordinated Care Initiative/Cal MediConnect which is appended here: CCI_Flyer_091013(1) … [Read More]